Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Introducing Miss L

This past Friday was a red letter day for me. My granddaughter, Miss L, actually spent the night at my house. This was a first. She is 14 months old and up until now, I have done all my babysitting at her place. I had agreed to watch her while her parents went out and they were planning to pick her up before they headed home. Logistically it was just going to be too many miles going in too many directions so I asked if we could make it a sleep over. I picked her up and then drove her to my place.

What fun we had! I had placed two stuffed animals on one of my chairs and maybe it was because they were at eye-level, or maybe because she is just so smart, Miss L made a beeline for the toys. She recognized the fun stuff right away.

Miss L is getting to the stage where she says a lot of things but mostly jabbers and you listen for any word you can pick out. You can tell she is telling you something because she will say the same "words" over and over and I just wish I could translate. She will repeat most of the words you ask her to say (which has put me on my best behavior when she rides in the car with me!) and gives a good effort to multiple syllables like "butterfly." My son in law is a big Cowboys fan and has taught Miss L to say, "Go, Romo!" I have been working with her on "Trick or Treat" and hope to surprise her mommy and daddy by the end of October. It is like having your own Mina bird that hugs and kisses.

Saturday morning when she finally woke up, I stood around the corner, out of view for a few seconds. Jabber, jabber, jabber, Nana, jabber. When she looked up and saw me she started to grin and melted my heart with a big, "Nana!" Whata sweetie!

I have started the "anything you want" fund. I think it will come in handy.

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Lori said...

She's a cutie, and how nice that you got to have your first sleep over with her!