Thursday, October 16, 2008

It finally feels like Fall

I am so happy that the summer heat has passed and we are finally enjoying temperatures in the 70s during the day here. I love Fall and the high school football games and winter rye grass. Since we do not get to enjoy the bright fall foliage in this part of Texas, I enjoy the contrast of scalped yards and newly planted pansies. If the weather stays relatively stable this winter, those pansies will be around well into next year.

Sport has come home for a visit. The volatile stock market has been a roller coaster for him (and everyone one else, I know) but since he has the ability to do his work from any "port in a storm" he is spending time here while still connecting with his clients coast to coast. As I have often said, "Ain't technology grand?!" I believe when times get tough, even the most independent child will seek the familiarity of home. Of course, if he reads this I will never hear the end of it!! His business, while not on Wall Street, is directly tied to the market, stocks, bonds and portfolios so I pray for him daily that he does not have a stroke before "we see where the bottom is."

The State Fair of Texas is in full swing and, except for a little rain yesterday, the weather could not be more perfect. I will probably not make it this year since I still have some trouble walking and do not want to slow others by my pace. But, I have heard all about it from one of my coworkers. She has spent a good bit of time online researching what foods she would eat when she got there. It seems that they will fry anything that will stick to a stick. Fried jelly beans. Chicken fried bacon. (Just close my veins down now!!) Deep fried, batter dipped cookie dough. Ugh. While it may cause some to salivate in appreciation, it just makes my stomach churn. Now, whip me up a big pink paper cone of cotton candy and I'm right there with you. When I was growing up, the State Fair was the one time a year I got cotton candy. These days you can get it almost anywhere including in deflated plastic bags at WalMart. I wonder if it would feel like the fair if I bought a bag, sat on a bench at Wally World and just watched the people? Maybe on a Saturday!
What is your favorite part of a fair? The food, the booths, the new cars, watching the people?

Lots of fun things planned for the weekend. Dinner with the kids and Miss L tomorrow. "Day of Repair" Saturday with a manicure and haircut, and then an evening out with friends going to see the live passion play "The Promise." More about that next week.


Jeannette said...

Fall is a lovely time of the year but I do not like it when the trees are bare. Have a lovely weekend.

Rose said...

You sound like you have your dance card full for the weekend.

I too love the Fall and I live in Florida! I miss New England and the foliage.

Hugs, Rose

Missie said...

I love fall weather too!

a corgi said...

we're still in summer here, LOL; 95today; but our evenings/mornings are cooler

seems like you have a great busy weekend ahead

so neat that your son is staying with you; it is a scary time with the market these days; so glad he feels comfortable being with you :)


Leigh said...

I miss going to the fair-although it was the huge county fair.
My favorite food booth was the little maple sugar candy and syrup booth. Talk about a sugar rush!
I know you had a great weekend-I peeked ahead.lolol
:) Leigh