Sunday, October 12, 2008

Embarrassing Moments Part III - It's funny now.

Sitting in church next to FH (First Husband). The children were spending the weekend with their grandparents so it was just hubby and me. Where we attended church, communion trays are passed down each row, like you may have seen in the movie "Places in the Heart." FH had his arm around my shoulders and when we were passing the wine, from one person to the next, I thought he had a hold of the tray.... and he thought I had a hold of the tray. And, about the time we realized the tray was suspended in mid-air, we both lunged for it.

BLAM! We slammed the tray into the back of the pew in front of us. Little cups of grape juice popped out and flew everywhere! In the hair of the woman in front of me, on the seat, in our laps ... streams of grape juice ran down my leg.

We repositioned what was left of the communion cups and passed the sticky tray on to the next person. Was there any left? Not likely. The usher carried the tray on out.

FH and I were frozen. Maybe if we sat rrrrreal still, no one would notice. A few minutes later an usher came back to our row and passed over a handful of paper towels.

Just so you know, Folks. Yes, in case you missed it. The mess is over here. Right in the middle of the auditorium. Remain calm. Everything is under control.

I remember two things very clearly. The woman sitting next to us was the most immaculate woman at church and she was the one who handed me the paper towels.

And, I remember feeling that I would burst into giggles like Mary Tyler Moore in that classic funeral scene, if I moved a muscle.

Too bad the kids were not with us. We could have blamed them!


Honey said...

oh funny...I think we have all had moment like that.

a corgi said...

oh my gosh! that would have been embarrassing; I always worry about dropping the containers when they come by;thankfully our new church we are going to does communion a bit different without it being passed person to person

funny story :)


Jeannette said...

Oh how funny!

Leigh said...

I can just see it...
Thanks for sharing the smiles!
:) Leigh

bookncoffee said...

If it makes you feel any better my husband tried to get a "cup" out of our communion tray and it was stuck to the tray. He refused to just get another cup and kept trying to wiggle it loose. To know him makes it funnier...he is stubborn....and so he WAS determined to get this particular cup. He kept squeezing it harder and the cup (plastic) broke and the grape juice basically exploded. lol. Then last Sunday we were in the balcony and I saw an elderly couple drop the collection plate and they were scrambling trying to gather the money up. lol lol lol I am now following your blog.