Saturday, October 11, 2008

Exhausted from the move

I have spent so much time trying to move my AOL journals over to Blogger that I had just stopped posting altogether. It seems I moved the journals over to one gmail account while this journal is on Blogger under an AOL email account. Now what?? For now I give up. The journals are not lost, just a bit confusing. And, I have Comment alerts coming at me from all directions to more than one email account. LOL Too much of a good thing.

This is going to be a fun weekend. Sport decided to drive in from Colorado yesterday and will probably be staying with me for a few days. His business is such that as long as he has access to his phone and computer, he can work from anywhere. He is also going to be in his friends wedding next week so we will get to spend some time together before he has to go back to Denver. I just wish I could convince him to move back to Big D.

Tonight I am babysitting Miss L while TenderHeart and her husband have a night on the town celebrating her birthday. Miss L had tubes put in her ears again this past week and this time they also removed her adenoids. She was given some pain meds and had a horrible reaction over the next two days. In spite of the Benadryl the pediatrician had recommended she had red, hot, itchy welts all over her body which just got worse. When her knees swelled and were hot they ended up in the emergency room. Miss L was treated with steroids and seems to be fine now. I will try to get the pictures transferred from TenderHeart's account to mine. You would not believe what she looked like!

I am trying not to be too reactionary but the economy scares me. The only thing that seems to be going well right now is that gas prices are dropping. There was even a gas war here between a couple of stations and it got as low as $1.85 a gallon. I missed it but saw it on television. Wouldn't you know?! I guess I will be content with $3.15.

So, how are things going with you??


a corgi said...

poor little Miss L!! I'm glad you get to spend some time with her; poor little one to have had an allergic reaction; she sounds like a trooper though

glad son is in town to spend some time with you; I hope you both have a great time

economy scares me too; our gas if $3.39 for the cheapest grade; I'm just trusting in the Lord

take care of yourse;f it is hard work to get journals transfer; I'm just going to delete my old one in a week or so


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are going to spend some time with your son :o)

I was able to fill up here today for $2.99, so I agree, that is a bit of a silver lining.

D said...

aaahhh I haven't been able to move.. nor can AOL or blogger get it to go... might be lost forever
:( Hope you had a grand day

Leigh said...

Our gas dropped to $3.35 yesterday.
Poor little Miss L. Allergic reactions are very scary!
Enjoy your visit with Sport.
:) Leigh