Sunday, December 18, 2005

Moving: A Reason to Clean House!

I moved last Sunday and foolishly thought my home would be in order by today. Silly me! I am a sentimental grandma-wanna-be and continue to move things from pillar to post waiting to share with future generations. I am beginning to realize that everything is getting older, less attractive and sometimes, downright dirty so why am I keeping it?

When I moved, I saw boxes marked with "Children's Toys" and "Stuffed Animals." Keeping in mind that my own "baby" is 25, do I really think I will want to let a grandchild of mine actually touch one of their parent's old toys and potentially put it in their mouth? Of course not! But I cannot bear to part with these pieces of my/their past. I still have a box of "Donna's Old Doll Clothes" which holds precious items made by my grandmother for my little doll Barbara. Barbara bit the dust long ago. There is nothing more pathetic than an old rubber doll that sat in an attic too many years. She got sticky, brittle and even her little eyes looked as though they were afflicted with cataracts!

I helped my grandmother break up housekeeping almost 20 years ago and since that time I have continued to move my grandfather's old garden tools with me. Did I really think I might decorate my home with a scythe or dandelion picker? I also have his old metal hoe and an antique rake. Was I thinking I would turn my den into a Cracker Barrel motif?? I have found a place to hang my grandparent's Chinese Checker board and my uncle's small wooden bat is an heirloom I love.

There are just too many boxes to be sorted and yet I must stay the course! I have to make decisions. How many is ENOUGH candles? Do I think I will ever want to load those old computer programs again?? Why do I need How To manuals on programs that I used at jobs a decade ago? I did not keep the ex so why did I choose to keep that ceramic owl wedding gift?!

Worse yet is my fading optimism that I should keep those smaller sized clothes on the chance I will fit back into them while they are still in style. As I sorted through things this afternoon I recognized I have enough outgrown clothes to start my own thrift store, complete with coordinating shoes, purses and lingerie! Calgon, take me away!!!

There are so many things I had in storage that would have been helpful to the victims of Katrina and Rita. But I realize it is not too late to replenish the stock at any number of benevolent establishments. I am definitely in the mood to lighten my load and if I can just keep that attitude, I may soon be able to stop running the obstacle course each time to the front door. Wish me luck!! Better yet ... does anyone have a blowtorch??


Chris said...

Well I was wondering where've you been?! I'm glad to see you here. Moving sucks and so does unpacking. They say if you have boxes gone unpacked for two years after moving, it's time to lose 'em. lol. Good luck!

Tilly said...

I can so understand your feelings about the toys! I've also got sacks of baby clothes I just can't bear to part with.

I know material things aren't meant to matter and our storage stuff could really benefit those less fortunate, but I've given loads to charity and certain things I don't think I could ever let go.

Although I might feel differently in another 15 years!

Merry Christmas.

Tilly xx

Jod{i} said...

I too, have an attic of stuff. Stuff that was soooo important years and years ago, that I havent thought about until now. Yet I find it difficult to part with most of it. It would hold no meaning to anyone else. They are pieces of me and there are stories to tell with each item, yet when I am no longer here, the stories will be gone as well.
I have found myself, going through items and having the 'discussion' with myself and saying goodbye to some items.
The memories are still there. The item is not. Not all, just some.
As for those I have chosen to keep, I have framed and made an art piece out of it or hung it or have written the story down and it accompanoes it, so that it will make sense to someone, maybe.
It is hard letting go of these things. I can relate Donna.
Peace and Good Luck!

DesLily said...

I wish you success in sorting out whats in the boxes! It really is hard because you feel like you are tossing out part of "yourself".
You might (if you can sew) consider making a quilt (or having a friend do it) with precious "clothing bits" (even doll clothing) take photos of what you toss for a much smaller simpler "memory" keep sake.. and consider that some things may be "valuable to others" and sell them on ebay!! I hope these ideas help you along.. meanwhile...sneak in a merry christmas !!

TJ said...

I am laughing...we still are letting things go as hard as it is!
I found the easier way, I let the boys get homes of their own then sent the cherished boxes to their basements! ( now they can store it lol)

Bon & Mal Mott said...

When our father died, my brother and I looked at the contents of the house and blanched. There was no way we could have absorbed into our own homes the sheer amount of stuff we saw. Reluctantly but firmly, we agreed to sell all but necessities and favorite objects. We hope your move was smooth and without incident.
Bon & Mal

Gabreael said...

I still have my grannies things in a trunk. They are silly things like doilies we made together, her aprons, puzzels we worked together, flowers we dried, ... She has now been passed 19 years the day after Thanksgiving.

Merry Christmas To You & Yours!


Gayla said...

It's the cray Secret Santa lady again. If you could email me at I would be so grateful. I really need to talk to you about this again. Thank you

betty said...

my rule of thumb; if I haven't used something in a year, out it goes. No sentiment here (its probably caused I've moved too many times over the years)

Merry Christmas!


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moltenhalo said...

Thinking of all the things I have accumulated, similar to yourself, reminds me of the movie, Labrynth, and the girl who carried everything on her back until she realized she had to set herself free and dropped it all... Good luck in your new place!

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