Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Do I hear $1 million? Anyone? Anyone?

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The weather is nasty here in the Dallas area so when ice formed on the cars in the parking lot, our boss decided to close the office and we all headed home. Nice to have a little journal time. I was visiting moltenhalo's The Corner and found he had been able to get a personal value on himself showing he was worth over $2.2 million.

I had once been able to determine the value of my old journal but when the bids were finalized on eBay, I found I could not bear to part with it. Little did I know my journal would soon be vandalized and then the property values in my neighborhood went down dramatically. In the end, I had to take the loss and ulitmately I moved to my new "home."

So, running the risk of a repeat devaluation, I still looked into it and learned I am worth $1,964,780 on I guess that is not too bad for this old gal. It is not too late for me to post myself on eBay. I would be a great stocking stuffer, exchange gift at a company party or a Secret Santa goodie . Wadda ya think?? Is there a market for an imitation Mrs. Claus?


Chris said...

You go for it girlfriend!

Tammy said...

AOL's loss is blogspot's gain. Welcome!

Tilly said...

Don't sell yourself short Donna, you're worth much more than that!!

Tilly xx

moltenhalo said...

Great idea! Now I know JUST what that last minute gift for my wife will be this year! :D

Vivian said...

I ended up working from home for two days during our lovely little ice storm....Ikenna had one day off from school. Part of my walkway and part of my driveway are totally shaded so they've still got a little bit of ice on them! It's supposed to be up in the 60s today and!

TJ said...

Hey look at you Donna...the journal looks great!
I shall have to see what my value!
Thanks for the link.
I am sure that the weather there was terrible when it is not what you are used to..oh who is kidding who. It is as natural as breathing air here in Michigan and I am not used to it!
Love TJ!

TJ said...

I di the humans for sale...LOL! you are worth alot more then I...
I am still laughing!
Thanks TJ~

Anonymous said...

You new journal looks great! I have to agree with all the others, AOL lost a great J-Lander and I will be joining you very soon!

Merry Christmas,

Anonymous said...

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