Sunday, December 04, 2005

First Annual Dallas Bloggers Holiday Extravaganza!

For the second month in a row the Dallas Bloggers (formerly known as J-landers) got together for fun, food and festivities. This time we gathered at the home of Vivian, Nwanyioma's Journal. Even though our little AOL community has been dealt a blow, we did not let it deter us from coming together and having a wonderful time. I'd say six hours for brunch is more than sufficient, wouldn't you?!

The last time we were gathered Julie, twin sister of Judith at
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, was out of town and unable to join us. This time, Julie was present but Judi, emmapeeldallas, was under the weather and did not make it. We missed you, Judi! It was great to meet you, Julie!!

The food we enjoyed was as eclectic as the participants. Everything was delicious! To avoid indigestion, we kept our grumblings of the AOL ad dibacle to a minimum but all agreed, it was poorly handled and has damaged what was a peaceful, happy little community. We each have handled the situation in our own way and were pleased to know we shall remain friends regardless of where we blog! I suspect we will learn of more bloggers in the Dallas area in our new and various journal homes and our numbers may grow. Vivian was the only one who took pictures this time and, even though she has shared, I'll let her post those on her journal. She has a lovely home which reflects her warm and friendly personality.

I can tell V has been very busy since we were all together yesterday. Check out her
latest journal entry. I am a bit behind but have every intention of catching up soon.


Bon & Mal Mott said...

Thanks, Donna. We didn't know you had moved. Off to the watchlist. That template is sharp, isn't it? We're using it for our Diatom Archives.
Our legs are getting a bit sore from straddling the blog divide, but we're continuing to fight and we're providing counter-sponsoring now. We'll probably get TOSsed for that, but it'll be fun while it lasts.
Bon & Mal

NJMom72 said...

Hi there! You may remember me from AOL Journals, I used to blog at Reflections From Within. I moved to Blogger too. My new blog is here:

I still have your AOL journal linked on my friends page, would you like me to change your link to this journal? Take care and have a great week!

~ Susan

betty said...

sounds like a good time was enjoyed by all!


Gabreael said...

Sounds like a nice time by all. I am unsure if I mentioned this before, but I really like the looks of your blog over here. I am going to get brave an change my template at some point.