Sunday, January 22, 2006

Old Habits Die Hard

“Hellooooo!” she said in her best Mrs. Doubtfire imitation. Yes, I am back after more than a month without access to the computer in my new home. I have missed reading your journal entries on a regular basis and I have really missed adding my own journal posts!

So often, in the last few weeks, something would happen and I would think of adding to my journal. Getting everything to work again, after the move, has been a technological nightmare but I have to credit my daughter with finally reconnecting me to the outside world.

I love to keep things light and funny in this little piece of cyberspace so let me recap some of the events that would have been part or all of a journal post in the last five weeks:

1. Chasing my prescription from the dentist across two parking lots, a street and a field during a recent windstorm.

2. Five visits to the dentist. My random thoughts while under the gas were certainly blog worthy!
3. Losing a temporary crown just as visitors from Corporate came to see our new office operations. That post would have been titled “Fixodent: A Little Dab Will Do Ya”
4. Having a cricket jump up my pants leg while I was on the phone at work.
5. Right after I moved, I unexpectedly found myself with no electricity in the middle of the night. I almost broke my neck stumbling over boxes as I tried to find candles and matches using the only available light … the glow from my dying cell phone.
6. “Fun with Duct Tape” (I had no idea it came in camouflage!)
7. Casino Night at the company Christmas party. I could do no wrong that night playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker and wound up going head to head against my boss.

Things are very busy at work and I am still trying to dig out from under the schtuff I felt compelled to move but I will make a concerted effort to get back in the habit of adding to my blog. I have missed journaling and am soooo glad to be back.

Make it a great day!



Chris said...

Oh.My.God. You still live and breathe. Yeah! Welcome Home! You were missed.

DesLily said...

Welcome back! all those poor dust bunnies were running amuck without you lol

Tammy said...

Welcome back! I put you were back on my blog because I was given your blog to read when I started by a lot of people who missed you.
I'll be back!

Jason said...

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betty said...

glad you are back!


TJ said...

Hey welcome back...we all knew you was busy. Funny entry.
Thanks for the smiles.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!

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