Monday, November 03, 2008

Still getting the lay of the land

I felt a certain sense of loss this weekend as I realized my alerts from AOL were no more. Oh, they had already been dwindling as JLanders bid their final farewells, locked their virtual doors and walked away. I did not realize just how much I had come to rely on those daily greetings that connected me with people hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. It made the world seem so much smaller and friendlier.

But I know you are still out there. I have a mental image of the Clampetts, in the past few weeks, packing up entries, comments, graphics and more, on to their overburdened Model T truck and clickety clacking down the road to Blogger. I have been working on putting together a list of Journals I followed (I did not realize how many) and finding the best way for me to be notified when you post something. The neighborhood looks somewhat familiar as many have transitioned to Blogger with the same journal name they used at AOL. So far I have listed over 200 journals that I have come in contact with through comments, sidebars or my personal interest. Slowly but surely I am loading my favorites. I am still a little overwhelmed by the cement pond but I am certain I will learn to adjust in my new surroundings and soon it will feel like home.

How are you feeling about the transition? Do you feel like the proverbial transfer student? What tips do you have for getting settled in?


Rose said...

This is our new home now and I'm so happy we are all together. I think I lost some Internet Friends during the move and I'm searching for them.

I know Magic Smoke has a list of the new Blogspot addresses.

Hugs, Rose

Kathy said...

Great post! Love the comparison to the Clampets. LOL

It's been difficult for me to post in my new journal. Not sure why. I think I'm afraid the blogspot thing will up and move away, too. We invested a lot in our journals and our relationships with others. Ticked me off when they ended the service.

I'm happy that I still know how to find the friends I made and to keep in touch.


Missie said...

I'm happy with my new home, we can do so much more with our blogs here to show off our personalities.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Feeling settled, nestled, and content here in the Spot. I actually believe I have more readers here than before.

Leigh said...

I know what you mean about finding your way around. I still feel a bit muddled. I was going to suggest the Magic Smoke idea-I think it even has a new name now. I always check bloglists, have found some new journals to read, too.
:) Leigh

a corgi said...

I know what you mean; its weird not having an alert or 2 or perhaps 50, LOL, in my mailbox. I've been playing around with how I'm managing blogs; I found I was following over 150 and there's no way a person can do that so I cut some out entirely; took some off of following and just put them into my favorites when I have time to check in on them, and left the rest on Dashboard that works well for me. Rest assured, if you see Koda's face on your blog, that means I'm following you through Dashboard so I'll be paying regular visits :)


suzypwr said...

I am as lost here as anyone, lol! I wish you the best of luck in locating new employment. What a bummer!

Shelly said...

Welcome to Blogger! I started on Blogger soon after starting my first journal on AOL and over the years, Blogger made a lot of improvements, while AOL didn't. I liked the versatility on Blogger from the start. The new Blogs I'm Following feature makes it easy to keep up with blogs and I'm sure Blogger will keep adding fun new features.

It looks like you've got a good start here already. :)

FYI, after the first exodus from AOL, I started posting some help over on