Monday, November 10, 2008

It is a real addiction

In the spirit of full disclosure: I recognized my addiction to carbonated drinks some time ago, particularly Dr. Pepper and had quit cold turkey seven days ago. I know it is not good for me and it is a significant factor in my battle to lose weight. I had half of a two liter bottle of DP left and hoped, when I twisted the cap today that it would be dead. Nope. There was the "skoosh" sound of active carbonation. Oh, joy! Forget the appropriate set up with a glass and ice. I swigged it hot from the bottle like a woman possessed. I might as well have been crouched behind some dumpster with a brown paper bag wrapped around my vice, so great was my desire. I immediately was ashamed but once the day was ruined, I hit the bottle a few more times. Since this actually happened on Sunday, I will start the count over on Monday.

I should go into the kitchen and pour the remaining ..... okay. It is done. I poured the rest down the sink. Wish I felt better about it but I don't. Now, if I can just get past Sonic tomorrow on my way to work.

I missed the welcome from Blogger to all of us that journaled on AOL. If you missed it too, check it out.

I think this was a very classy thing to do.


Rose said...

Hope you do well with stopping the addiction to Dr. Pepper.

Hugs, Rose

Karen said...

thanks for the alert to the blogger welcome.

Leigh said...

The carbonation and I don't get along at all, so I don't drink much soda.
I popped over to the welcome from Blogger and got lost for 40 minutes, clicking on different things, it's pretty cool.

a corgi said...

LOL; I hear you with carbonation; I'm battling Diet Pepsi over here; its diet at least, but I don't need to spend the money, water would be just as fine and quenching

good luck!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the brown bag analogy.

Thanks for the connect, I made an entry with a credit to you :o)

Nancy said...

Ha ha, thats funny. I loved Dr Pepper, then diet dr pepper and then they started saying diet was as bad or worse than regular and now I drink it in diet form very rarely. Still its hard to stay away from! I am addicted to carbonation, which is terrible I hear for your bones so trying to drink less diet drinks over all.