Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

It was a year ago today I had my car accident. I am grateful to be alive but I am still p-o'd at the gal who was in such a big rush she had to turn in front of me. Silver lining: I got a new car with all the bells and whistles. And, now my ankle and knee let me know when the weather is going to change.

I should blog about that.

I am always thinking of things to write about but they leave my head when I sit in front of the computer. I used to carry a little tablet to jot down ideas but I can't find it.

I will blog about that as soon as I find my notes.

Facebook has been a great way for me to connect with old friends. My best friend from junior high found me on there. So did two old boyfriends ... and an ex husband. Okay. It is not a perfect system.

I should blog about that.

My land line is not working and I think I am okay with that. I am considering becoming a recluse.

I should blog about that.

AT&T frustrates the heck out of me.

No one wants to read a post about poor customer service and those who call themselves "supervisors."

In this economy are there really companies that will pay millions of dollars for a Super Bowl ad?

Do compulsive/chronic liars not realize we are on to them but we are sometimes just too polite to bust them?

If your company is closing your office and they offer you a job you do not want, can it prevent you from getting the severance package if you turn it down?

Do you know anyone who has had Botox injections? Were you surprised? Do they look surprised?
I've got nothing to blog about. I think I will call it a night.


Nancy said...

I saw a Dr on TV say that Botox every 6 months will prevent wrinkles from developing. This cant be true can it?
I know many frosted mommies here in WA who have had botox, but it didnt help because they TAN like crazy and those kinda wrinkles cant be filled right.
I cant do Facebook. It frustrates me becuase I cant find myself on there. Is there a profile or page such as blogger or myspace? I must have a nice beautiful page or I wont go there!

Lori said...

LOL! For someone with nothing to blog about, you did a pretty good entry!

As for the severance package -- Yes, they can refuse you the severance package if you refuse another position, if that's their policy. You need to find out what the company's policy is. They should have given you something in writing from management or HR that states what the policy is. BUT you can always appeal to EEOC if that happens, and you can still apply for unemployment.

a corgi said...

what a cute entry about "nothing" but lots of things

so sorry about the accident though; I know it was a year ago, but I know things like that stay with us for a long time

personally, whatever you decide to blog about, it will be a pleasure to read :)


Meg said...

LOL I can so relate to this entry. My thoughts get jumbled when I try to make an entry, too! I think a company can get away with not giving a package when you turn down a position because they say that you quit. It's not right, but some do it. (some don't.)

Leigh said...

That's alot of random. I'd love to read the expanded versions of some of these.
I have one of those little notepads, I just have to remember to write things down.