Monday, August 15, 2005

Crazy Drivers!!

I live in a large, metropolitan city and the drivers here are crazy at times! I was driving to the store earlier today and somebody in a white sports vehicle was right on my bumper. This always frustrates me and I typically tap on my brake to give the driver the idea to back off but today I didn't because it had recently rained and I was afraid the street might be wet. I was the third car back when we stopped at a traffic light and the very second the light turned green, this jerk behind me tapped on his horn. I couldn't believe it!

I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw the guy's hand on the steering wheel kind of flip up as if to say, "Go!" I flipped my hand in the air in reply with my palm open as if to reply, "What do you want me to do, Butthead? There are cars in front of me!!" As we proceeded down the road, he was still riding way too close on my bumper and I was getting ticked off! But, I behaved myself and did not give him a single digit wave even though I felt he deserved one. The traffic was too heavy to speed up and get out of his way and my turn was coming up anyway. I just muttered under my breath how people were just too impatient and that I was not going to let this single incident get to me.

As I pulled into the turning lane, I looked over my shoulder to try and get a good look at the idiot, and, yes, do some profiling. You know how you have certain mental perceptions of certain drivers? Well, I wanted to see what this guy looked like but I could not get a good view. I was just glad I was turning and he was moving on.

Just then my cell phone rang and as I flipped it open, still steamed by the inconsiderate driver, I hear a voice ask, "Don't you know when you are being followed by your son?!" Aargh! I couldn't believe it! The idiot driver was my own 25 year old! He thought he was just too funny and I had to admit it really was. He said, "I saw you talking to me with your hands!" I told him that I was just glad I had not "said" what I was thinking!!

And, I have got to learn to recognize his new car.