Monday, August 08, 2005

Because I will never be a standup comedian - that's why!

My daughter came by this evening and I shared both of my new blogs with her. She doesn't get it. She read some of my entries .... put her hands over her face and said something to the effect of , "You have got to get a life!" I have a life and journaling in a blog is now part of it! I may not be very good and I may not be as humorous as I think I am but it is one way of expressing myself that I enjoy. I wish I had kept up with the blog I started 8 months ago. Oh, the stories I would have told! But, having no time for regret, I will move forward with this public blog and the other blog in private. She is too busy with her career and new marriage to have time to stop and read. I enjoy reading - always have. As a child I read the back AND sides of the cereal boxes. I read the instructions that come with appliances. I pause the TIVO and read the vanity card that Chuck Lorrie adds at the end of every episode of Two and A Half Men. (Looks like a Blog entry to me!!) I read the little tiny print of the labels slapped on prescription bottles. (Of course, I have to look over the top of my glasses to read anything that small!) I read the acknowledgements on CD dust covers. (When they were albums they were dust covers. What are they called now when a disc comes in a plastic shell?) I subscribe to several magazines and read them all. I read the news on the internet. And, of course, I read books. I have five bookcases full and am considering cataloging them like the library. [wink] I have loaned too many books that were never returned - usually to former co-workers. By now the book has sat on their shelf long enough they think of it as their own. But one day, when they dust it off and open the cover, they will see my address label and tada! I will be rejoined with my long lost friend. And, it will be nice to hear from the co-worker, too!

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