Thursday, August 25, 2005

2037 does not seem that far away!

I took this test and, based on my answers, I will probably die of cancer at the age of 84 in 2037. Age 84 seems reasonable to me but funny how 2037 seems too soon. Maybe it is because we are already into the 21st century and I recognize how quickly the days of my life are passing.

I am mentally taking stock of all the things I still want to accomplish and I better get on the stick! (Where did that phrase come from??) I still want to write my script for a Movie of the Week although they do not have Movies of the Week anymore so I guess it will be on the cable channel Lifetime Movie Network. Or, perhaps because of the theme it might be picked up by WE - Women's Entertainment. Who knows? There may be a bidding war over who gets the rights to bring my-life-so-far to the screen with all its wit and pathos and delightfully interesting characters! I certainly know one or two people that would pay to keep it out of public viewing!

In addition to the Movie of the Week, my list is long of things I still want to accomplish.

1. Learn to program the clock on the VCR before it becomes completely obsolete.
2. Visit the remaining United States I have not yet seen. There are only 8 more to go but that includes Alaska and Hawaii.
3. Take an Alaskan cruise.
4. Stay in a chalet overlooking the Swiss Alps.
5. Visit Branson, MO and meet at least three headliners.
6. Kiss John Travolta.
7. Attend the air ballon festival in Albuquerque, NM
8. Plant a garden that does not burn up before it produces.
9. Be able to afford fresh flowers in my house every day.
10. Meet Meryl Streep.
11. Learn to scuba dive.
12. See the fall leaves at their best in Vermont.
13. Take a photography class.
14. Find a hair style I actually like on myself.
15. Get my masters degree in Psychology.
16. Plant an English garden.
17. Get back to my weight in 1992.
18. Learn to design web pages.
19. Take a gondola ride in Venice.
20. See the Sutherland Falls on the Milford Track in New Zealand.
21. See an active volcano.
22. Go to a Yo-Yo Ma concert.
23. Buy another house.
24. Own a Maltese.
25. Ride in a horse-drawn sleigh in the snow. (It is the Currier Ives in me.)
26. Finish all my craft projects.
27. Learn to sculpt.
28. Own a convertible.
29. Take a road trip on a motorcycle.
30. Spoil my grandchildren - when I get some.
31. Win a poker tournament.
32. Follow the Monarch butterfly migration and/or visit El Rosario the Monarch sanctuary in Mexico.
33. Make salt water taffy.
34. Learn to play the harp.
35. Attend a movie premier.

I better get busy!