Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What century is this??

If I had not been a witness, I would think someone was making this up. This is unfortunately a very true story. I was in the restroom at work today and was in the handicap stall since the other was occupied when I arrived. (Who am I kidding? I always go for the handicap stall at work if it is available. The other one is so small you practically have to stand on the bowl to open the door to get back out.) A third person came in and when they hit the locked door to the handicap stall I recognized the shoes belonging to my boss. You may remember Sheriff if you follow this journal. Well, she then went into the other stall since it was now vacant but I heard her leave immediately after.

A few seconds later I heard Assistant come in, mumbling under her breath. She went into the other stall and I called out, "Assistant, is that you? Tell me you are not cleaning the toilet for Sheriff?!" Oh, but she was! Sheriff was unhappy with the condition of the stall after the other person had left but she had sent Assistant in to take care of things. I was flabbergasted and strongly expressed my feelings to Assistant!!

Assistant left and as I stepped out of the larger stall Sheriff came in wearing latex surgeon's gloves and began grabbing several paper towels out of the dispenser. She proceeded to tell me how disgusted she had been by the condition of the toilet. I have to assume she was wiping down the commode and I offered her the trash can to dispose of the paper towels. Too late. She had put them in the toilet. I told her I was surprised that she would put all those towels in the toilet, that we were probably going to have plumbing problems now. Sheriff feigned innocence and said she did not realize that. Come on! By the time you are well into your forties you have had enough life experiences to know better, or so I thought. As I turned to leave Sheriff said, "Send Assistant back in here."

I should have ignored the request but I did stop and tell Assistant her presence was once again requested in the ladies room. She had a few choice words regarding actions she was contemplating but she dutifully got up and headed to the bathroom. I have no idea what happened next since I returned to my office.

Shortly, one of the staff came to me to let me know the first stall in the ladies room was not flushing properly. Ya think?? I thanked them and went straight to Sheriff's office. I told her "They just came to me to let me know the toilet is not flushing." (I am the office manager and used to be the facilities point person but remember, Sheriff took over those responsibilities. I no longer have to call the plumber. If there is a potential expense involved, Sheriff is going to handle it. And, certainly this was her issue to resolve!))

When I told her the toilet was stopped up, her response? "Can you get a plunger?"

I said "I don't do plungers. I am just letting you know the toilet is clogged." I turned and left. I heard later she had Assistant use the plunger and unstop the clog. Unbelievable!!

I'm still in a state of shock that (1) she would take advantage of her assistant like that and (2) that the assistant would actually do it!! Does this woman's narcissistic arrogance know no bounds??


Rose said...

I would never clean an office toilet..............Ugh. That poor Assistant is being taken advantage of and in today's economy..........people are grateful to have their jobs so they eat crap! Sad..............

Hugs, Rose

Lori said...

Your work posts make me glad I'm a stay-at-home-mom! lol

a corgi said...

how many days until the business closes? that Sheriff is one interestingly strange person; I'm sure some of her antics you will not miss when that business is no longer up and running; what a sad lady


Christy said...

Good grief, absolutely unacceptable. Does this woman get to keep her job when everything's done and overwith?

There's no way as an assistant this girl gets paid enough to do this kind of work.

Seriously one day this woman needs to be knocked down a few pegs, clean a toilet herself, and learn how to plunge. Not only is she arrogant, she's also ignorant. (How does a person NOT know to not throw paper towels down a toilet) @@@

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Do you have housekeepers at work?!