Thursday, December 18, 2008

How I know I was in the hospital ...

The following are the Top Ten ways I know I have been in the hospital.

10. I have flower arrangements in various stages of disintegration.

9. My nightstand looks like a full service pharmacy.

8. My bed pillows have become decorative items throughout my home. Wherever I sit, there is at least one extra pillow within arm's reach.

7. I can play connect the dot with the holes left behind when the hospital staff mistook my arms for pincushions.

6. I recognize showers are not for sissies.

5. Velcro is my friend.

4. I do not care what my hair looks like yet.

3. My daily activities revolve around the next pill, elixir, shot, blood test, breathing treatment, walk, liquid intake, liquid output and documentation of the previously mentioned. Yawn!

2. Just when I think I am finally through with the alcohol and cotton balls, I find more adhesive residue in unexpected places. Like spots on the carpet after you have had it cleaned, they just keep rising to the surface.

And, the #1 way I know I have been in the hospital. . .

I did not touch my computer from 12/7 until 12/17.

Yes, I went into the hospital on 12/8 for a relatively simple procedure but my resistance was down and my subsequent symptoms (high fever and low blood pressure) gave everyone a scare. The doctors had to go back in, on 12/9 to make certain everything was okay. It was but instead of getting out on Wednesday, 12/10, I did not get to come home until Saturday and I am just now getting my strength back. I won't dwell on the details in this journal but I am tracking my progress here.

I am glad the rest is behind me and if I can just get the remainder of my Christmas purchases wrapped, I can relax.


Linda's World said...

Happy to hear that you're home from the hospital and on the mend. Just take it easy & don't overdo..that the important thing. Linda in snowy & cold Washington state

Chrissie said...

Glad you are okay and home now.
Take care, Chrissie

D said...

as I started reading this I had to laugh.. could be me talking :) I am so glad you are home and recoverying.

Missie said...

Thank goodness you're okay and home!

Rest up this week!