Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Six more weeks of this? No problem.

Here in Central Texas we do not have the ongoing winter weather that so many others deal with for months. This year we have had a couple of "ice days" that brought traffic to a halt but overall it has been pleasant. The problem is, once we get past the days when a coat is required, I never know how to dress. It starts out cold or windy or rainy so I end up wearing layers of clothing that are removed through the early part of the day and later replaced, layer by layer, as the sun sets. Lunch time around my place is pretty busy these days. (rim shot)

I have one sister who lives outside Minneapolis and a John Deere horse-powered snow shovel is a necessity for her family. The pile of ice and snow shoveled to one end of her long drive may not melt until July. My other sister lives in southern Florida. I still cannot relate to her blooming citrus trees around Christmas but she loves it there.

So for me, I am pleased to be in the moderate middle. But only when it comes to the weather.


Missie said...

Our winter here in eastern PA has been pretty mild compared to past winters, thank goodness. I do love all the seasons.

Leigh said...

We're having some of that "winter" weather here in MI today! UGH! At least we didn't get all the snow that was forecast, just a couple inches. Now we've got colder temps and wind.
Spring will come....
I, too love all the seasons, just not for 5 months at a time.

:) Leigh

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Thanks for rubbing it in :o)

Rose said...

Well,winters in Florida are glorious and I love it but come Hurricane Season and I'm terrified.

I truly wish I could move back to New England. I miss the Seasons...mostly, I miss my family.