Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where do I start - again?

Stretching some out-of-practice blogging muscles here tonight. Every week I think of different things I want to write about but it had been so long since I even logged into my AOL Journal or Blogspot I had to do a little digging this evening to get reconnected. I will probably stay under the radar for a while so I can clear out the cobwebs and get back into a regular habit of posting.

I checked to see if anyone still had my AOL Journal listed but I found I have been cleaned from most Recommended Journals columns. Who can blame them? It has been a year and a half since I consistently wrote anything. And, I suspect, I am still listed only on those journals where no one has bothered to update. I wonder how my old "friends" are? Maybe our paths will cross again.

Reading and writing have always been creative outlets for me and I have just not taken the time to do either for some time. After a memorial service yesterday morning in honor of a friend who passed too soon, and a lengthy conversation with my son last night, I gave myself a mental butt-kicking and decided to get back to some of the things I enjoy.

Yes, I enjoy my job but I have dedicated far too many hours with little more than self-satisfaction to show for it. Corporate America will let you run yourself into the ground and you will still only be rewarded with the standard annual increase and a few verbal kudos. Not to say the verbal kudos aren't appreciated but I must reconnect with the world beyond my office.

Wish me luck.

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jennifer said...

Welcome back to Blogland... I am the Dust Bunny Hostage!! It is good to meet you DustBunnyProtector! I hope those blogging muscles get stretched out and back in proper blogging shape speedy quick!!

I am so sorry for your recent loss by the way. It is always so hard to say good bye, and especially when it comes too soon.